Maxx has actively been drawing commissions since 2012, with over 230 individual commissioners and over 350 commissioned works.
Please feel free to ask any questions or for a quote, no commitment necessary.
My deviantArt is most updated and has all my works!
I am also on tumblr, Instagram (including progress shots) and Twitter.

I will always give you a final price quote to check over before commitment and payment.
All prices listed below are base prices, the final total may vary due to commission-specific details.

For commercial commissions, please email me directly for business commission rates.
I do not consent to my art being used for NFT and/or machine-learning/'AI' purposes. I will not do any commissions for those uses.

What I Can Draw for You
Original/Fandom/People & Pet Portraits, please check ahead re: fandom pairings.
All Genders & Orientations, including NB, trans and queer folk
All Ethnicities & Body Types
Fantasy/Sci-fi Races & Monsterpeople
NSFW: suggestive up to full artistic nudity, features within reason.
✗ not good at explicit art and fetish art.
Full Armour/Robots/Mecha:, including Transformers G1, adapted TFA & TFP
✗ not good at Bayformers.
(Big Damn) Muscles on both dudes and ladies.
✗ not good at extreme fetish-level beefcake
Furries and/or Animals, including G1 MLPony, Neopets storyplot characters, Pokemon etc.
✗ not good at heavily stylised ferals.
Horror/Gore/Macabre, blood, dismembered limbs, artful body horror/creepy pasta/gore (cw).
Definite Nope: violence against women for sexual purposes.

I also specialise in drawing from written description, and images for OCs without reference pictures.
There is no extra charge if you have a specific description and personality.
If you have no clear ideas and want to confirm a design before the final picture, I can do a preliminary concept sketch for additional $10+.
This is just to help you decide the final features before I draw the final piece, not to be commissioned or displayed on its own.

Available Commission Types
Digital Full Colour ($85+) | Digital Colour Headshot ($40+)
Digital Illustrated Vector Logo ($60+) | Digital Colour and/or Vector Inking Service ($30/h)

Digital Full Colour
A4-sized piece, no background, traditional inking, digitally coloured and finished.
Feel free to ask about other styles of work.

Half-Body Base Price: $85 for 1 main subject
Full-Body Base Price: $105 for 1 main subject
+ additional character is +$60 for halfbody, +$80 for fullbody
critter (Pokemon/Digimon/small animals) +$18.
- single images with more than 3 characters restarts the subject base price, continuing every 4th character
(e.g. a halfbody piece of 4 characters: the added 4th character is +$85 instead of +$60).

+ wings: small (chest-sized) +$7, medium (torso-sized) +$15, large (bigger than torso) +$25
+ metal: large weapons, significant amounts of / full-bodied armour or metal elements +$30 and up.
+ complex outfits: MMOs, frills, lace, patterns etc +$20 and up.
+ backgrounds: simple element +$7, background slice +$20; full scenic BG +$30 and up.
+ more complexity may increase base price.

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Full and Half-Body Folder on dA

Digital Colour Headshot Commissions
A4-sized piece, transparent background, traditional inking, digital flat-fill colours.
Includes flattened printable & web-sized PNGs for personal use only.

Base Price: $40 for 1 subject headshot
+ add. shading: +$20
+ additional main subject +$25
+ more complexity may increase base price.

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Headshot Folder on dA

Digital Illustrated Vector Logo
Vector/lossless illustrated logo in SVG and PNG (300dpi and web-sized) formats for personal use only, RGB unless otherwise requested.
Base Rate: $60 for 1 logo
I'm happy to quote commercial rates for business-use logos/icons/clip-art.

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Illustrated Logos Folder on dA

Digital Colour and/or Vector Inking Service - For You!
If you have a piece you'd like finished, and enjoy my colouring style, I'd be happy to help.
Base Rate: $35 + $35/h for each additional hour of work for Photoshop raster colouring and/or vector (Illustrator) inking.
I can also do vector colouring with higher hourly rate - please inquire.
Average Time: purely colouring or purely inking - ~2.5 to 3 hours per A4 300DPI image
Payment Details: Due to the uncertain hours and depending on piece, I charge 3 hours of work up-front. If it takes less than 3h, I'll refund you the extra.
If it takes longer than 3h, additional payment will be charged after completion. I will require written proof of hire and agreement to my terms, and I will take legal action if I'm not paid.
The finished PSD will only be sent after full payment is completed.
I'm sorry if this all sounds really scary! My regular livestream viewers and clients can vouch for my trustworthiness, effort and efficiency.
If you're a nice person who intends to hire me honestly, this will all work out just fine.

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Really like the look/style of one of my pieces, but it's not listed here?
Just let me know with a link with the form below!

Thinking of commissioning me? Here are the details:
All prices in USD. Payment via credit/debit card or Paypal only, full total up-front.
That locks in my time doing art for you.
I'm very reliable and my average work time ranges from 6-8 weeks or less.
I will reconfirm my expected turnaround time at the point of your inquiry.

Please note:
• The commission is only for personal use, not commercial use.
Commercial use includes monetisation, marketing and/or promotion, even if you do not earn money from it.
When I create art for you as a personal commission, I have not granted a license or any rights for commercial use.
Please contact me again to discuss this if you'd like to use a personal commission commercially.
Streamers (YouTube, Twitch etc): please note that once you monetise your channel or use the art for promotional purposes, it's considered commercial use.

• I retain all rights to the image and the ability to display the piece
• My name/watermark will be visibly present but integrated in both print and web-sized images.
• I may livestream the colouring to focus, and as standard do not notify the commissioner.
If you want to be notified OR don't want your commish to be streamed, please tell me.
• I must be credited for creating or colouring the piece if it's reproduced elsewhere.

• Prices are generally stable but may be subject to change.
If I've quoted you before, I will stick to the quoted price for 30 days.
• I invest a lot of time and effort - once the commission is started, I cannot give refunds.
However, in the unlikely event I fail to complete the commission, I will sort out a partial refund based on work done.
• Changes are limited to 3 minor edits at sketch stage and 3 colour changes at flat colour stage.
Large, fundamental changes will require additional fees. Degree of edits are defined by myself, pending each situation.
• Quotes need no commitment, so feel free to ask!

Agreeing to commission me indicates your acceptance of the terms above.

Please send your quote request to maxx(at)
you can also note me on dA, or message me on Tumblr, Twitter, or IG.

In the title of your message, please include the type of commission (e.g. digital fullbody).

In the content of your message, please include:

• type of commission and any additionals (e.g. extra subjects, background)
• written and/or pictorial reference of the subject(s)
• any specifics desired, e.g. scenario, clothes, expression, pose, face/body shape
if not, I'll run with it based on the information given
• include character description and world details if you think it's relevant

If you decide to commission me after I send the quote, I will send you an emailed Paypal invoice.
As a standard: I'll start the sketch after payment, proof the sketch (and if relevant, the flat colours) with you, then continue to finishing.

And finally, that's all! I hope everything is clear and thank you for reading!